We offer

…practical, no-nonsense approach to solving Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) related problems within your business (strategic), processes and workplace.

Our Focus

…isĀ on providing a deep and solid understanding of the fundamentals, as opposed to a wider but weaker knowledge, which will likely be quickly forgotten or misinterpreted.

We recognise that clients want straightforward advice and we provide this.

Our solutions

…are tailored to your business so you can manage with confidence and be assured that not only are you complying with the law, but the solutions have been spliced into the DNA of your business and shaping the culture of your workforce.

Change Kinetics can provide the following HSE support services:

As we all know, the above is not an extensive list in the world of health, safety and environment (HSE), there is always more than what meets the eye. Change Kinetics can very quickly discuss, assimilate and provide solutions that meet your needs. We offer bespoke services that will make HSE a “value adding” process rather than a legal mumbo-jumbo chore.


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